Top Seven Outdoor Things To Do In And Around Boise Idaho!

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Are you looking for a fun filled travel destination this summer? One that is full of adventure, and wonder? One that will make you ooh, and ahh as you check off a bucket list worth of adventures? Well then, Boise Idaho seems pretty close to perfect, and if you are planning on being near Boise Idaho this summer then you have to try some of these activities out!

  1. Rafting the Payette River.

Payette River is a beautifully classic stretch of river that has a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for the exciting thrills of white water rafting, then you can find plenty of space, and services for you to enjoy. If on the other hand you’re more looking for a relaxing float down a wonderfully warm river while enjoying the dazzling sights, then there are plenty of opportunities for you too. Best enjoyed with lots of snacks, drinks, and friends!

  1. Hiking to Goose Creek Falls.

Goose Creek Falls is a great hike for the whole family. Since it’s only 4.8 kilometers with an elevation change of 209 meters it is perfectly doable for anyone of any skill or fitness level. Just remember not to use all your energy on the way down! Goose Creek is also well known for its beautiful biodiversity, sporting a large variety of trees, birds, dogs, and other flora, and fawna for you to enjoy, and the best part is that all of this is capped off by the crashing water, and the marvelous views over the falls themselves. Overall, it’s a great place to do some trail running, photography, bird watching, or just to enjoy the great outdoors. 

  1. Enjoy the beauty of Ponderosa State Park.

Ponderosa state park is a beautiful slice of wilderness that lays just a little while outside Boise. This beautiful thousand acre park takes up a small peninsula that juts into the breathtaking waters of Payette Lake. The park caretakers also allow people to reserve time in order to stay in any one of their 9 lovely LakeView Cabins, or any of the many comfy camping spots. 

  1. Going fishing in McCall.

McCall is a small resort town that lies just outside of Boise. Interlaced throughout this little town are an extensive network of cool clear streams, alpine lakes, warm ponds, and crystal clear rivers. Making their home in these stunning waters are a variety of different fish such as Bull Trout, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Chinook Salmon, kokanee, Steelhead, and Bass. All this variety in both the fishing spots, and the fish themselves are only two of the many reasons why McCall has some of the best fishing in all of Idaho. 

  1. Biking at Jug Mountain Ranch 

Located at Jug Mountain Ranch is a collection of privately owned, but free to the public biking trails, and paths. These trials can be a wonderful adventure for anyone as they offer everything from flat wandering trails through the forests of idaho. Great to just chill out and coast on, maybe with a picnic, or a good book to stop, and relax with. Or, on the other side of things. There are trails designed for the thrill seekers among us. Those of us who are not faint of heart can find plenty of enjoyment in their more extreme rides. Don’t worry if you aren’t planning on bringing your bike either as Jug Mountain will rent you all the gear you need.

  1. Have a soak at Burgdorf Hot Springs.

Oh hot springs. A staple of many places, and cultures. A great place to soak away your troubles in naturally hot water, and generally something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Located just a few miles outside Boise is the rustic, yet classic Burgdorf Hot Springs. They provide cabins that come with an all access 24 hour pass to the hot springs themselves, or you can reserve a spot to visit. Bring a couple of cold drinks, and a bathing suit to spend the day.

  1. Take a tour of Payette Lake.

If you are looking for one more quick thing to round out the day then maybe try taking one of McCall Lake Cruises 90 minute boat tours around Payette Lake. trawl near the shore line, and hear all about the history of McCall. Grab something to sip on from the full service bar with a wide variety of both alcoholic, and nonalcoholic beverages. Whether you want to experience the sun set over this historic spot, or just soak up some noon day rays, get a lay of the land in style.

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