Top Romantic Getaways In Idaho.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a place to get away with your significant other this season, then why not let  the romantic beauty of Idaho sweep you both away and try any one of the amazing romantic getaways that this beautiful state has so offer!

Let’s start with Boise. Boise is a great town for couples new, and old. It has fun places to eat such as the delicious Alavita which, if you couldn’t tell by the name, serves homemade Italian food that is to die for. Or maybe Italian isn’t what you’re looking for, and instead you want some good old fashioned barbeque? Well, Barbacoa Grill is where you will want to be. They have a super original menu, with lots to try such as the Stuffed Poblano Chile which is a barbacoa beef and sweet potato stuffed poblano chile with cilantro cream and feta cheese, just delectable. Now, if you’re feeling a little thirsty after you’re meal, you could go wine tasting at Coiled Wine Bar, or beer tasting at Payette Brewing Co, and hey, if you want to both eat, and drink at the same time then there is always the option of checking out Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery which has home designed, home brewed cocktails, delicious food, and if you believe them, “The best flavors of Idaho, distilled.” 

Then again, maybe you get enough of the city in your day to day life. Well if that’s the case then in, and around boise you can find some of the most strikingly beautiful nature to be found anywhere in the USA. As an example, McCall is one of the go-to destinations for all the nature loving couples out there. With alluring romantic getaway spots such as Shore Lodge, located on the edge of Payette Lake. Payette Lake is home to a plethora of marvelous, and outdoorsy things to try such as Ponderosa State Park which is a small forested peninsula that juts into the crystal clear waters of the lake. It is a perfect place to go swimming, have a romantic picnic under the pines, or go stargazing on a cool clear night with your love. If you want something that is a little closer to Boise city proper, the staggeringly unique vistas of the Boise Black Cliffs is definitely worth the 20 minute drive from the city, and if you and your partner are really athletic then it’s well known that rock climbing together is a really good time. 

Ok, so you know about the food, and you know about the nature (around Boise at least), but what if you just want to relax? If this sounds more your speed, then I would like to introduce you to the spas of Idaho, or The Coeur d’Alene Resort to be more specific. It is a shimmering gem of luxury, and opulence most easily represented by the fact that it has the only floating golf green in the world. There is plenty else to do at The Coeur d’Alene Resort such as the world renowned spa which has a plethora of options to choose from such as group experiences, salon services, and even special bridal group options. While the spa might be the main attraction. It is far from the only thing to experience in this resort since it also has a massive variety of dining services, overnight stays, and even wedding services if this is more than just a spur of the moment romantic getaway. 

Though maybe you don’t want the processed safety of a spa, and would rather have a little bit more wild of an experience. In that case, Idaho is home to more than 125 different soakable hot springs, any of which would be an incredible experience, but only one of which I can recommend with the space that I have. If you are really looking for an out of the way hot spring that is filled to the brim with both hot water, and untamed charm then you need to visit Rocky Canyon Hot Springs. These hot springs are made up of a series of terraced pools, each of which flows into the next from the source that flows out of the face of the hill. This means that each of the pools is cooler than the last making a sort of natural temperature adjustment system. It is surrounded by protective hills, and requires you to ford a river restricting access to the spring. These are only a few of the reasons this spring is full of true originality, charm, and natural beauty making it a must visit for anyone looking to experience the hot springs of Idaho.

So in the end, from border to border, Idaho is filled with amazing sights, delicious food, and romance that will blow both you and your partner away every time. 

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