Scouted, and Adventure Tourism

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Adventure tourism is the next big thing. There just isn’t any arguing with that fact. Currently adventure tourism is an over $850 billion market, and that is projected to triple within the next 6 years. Yes, you heard correctly. Triple, and Scouted is going to be at the forefront of that. 

Now, if you are wondering what exactly adventure tourism is, adventure tourism is a type of tourism involving exploration of exotic, thrilling, unusual, and well, to put it bluntly, adventurous locations. Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as many tourists seek exciting new holidays that are more than your normal beaches, and bars. The activities that you will find under the umbrella of adventure tourism are always outside the norm, and include things such as mountaineering, bungee jumping, hiking, river rafting, caving, scuba diving, zip-lining, wilderness exploration, rafting, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more. Adventure tourism has become a major source of revenue in many places around the world, and you would be surprised just how many chances for adventure there are all around us. 

That’s where Scouted is an ideal platform. Scouted is  a new, innovative, online marketplace that makes it easy for anyone to get involved in this quickly growing industry. They allow adventure tourism to be the domain of anyone with a computer or a phone, and access to the internet, rather than putting all of it in the hands of the major tourism companies. Their experience recording system makes it possible for you to share GPS data of the most exciting places you know from your phone, directly onto their website, allowing for travelers to download these coordinates onto their GPS unit, or mobile device, and run them with their mapping system of choice to find their way there with ease. Scouted also works excellently for planning, and preparing tours, and other guided services. For example, this would allow someone who was providing one of these services to be able to share accessibility level, activity level, location information, age restrictions, price, and so much more with just a few button clicks. Then this information would be able to be found by people looking for their kind of adventure. Not to mention the other uses this site has like allowing more accessible equipment renting services.

It’s pretty easy to see why adventure tourism is growing so fast too. I think you will find that going on an adventure recharges your batteries much faster than just laying around on a beach somewhere. You get to explore your way through unique sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that you might not have ever experienced before. This is corroborated in this article by ScienceDaily where they say “Happiness was higher for participants who consumed experiential purchases versus material ones in every category, regardless of the cost of the item.” but the best thing about adventure tourism has to be that there is something for everyone, and with Scouted it’s easier than ever to find the perfect experience for you, or to get your perfect experiences out into the world. Don’t get put off, or scared away, by the term “adventure” though. If you aren’t the type for big experiences, that doesn’t have to be what your adventure is. An adventure could be anything from a day hike in your hometown, all the way to a caving expedition to a state that  you would have never dreamed of being able to go to. The point of adventure tourism is not to make you uncomfortable, it is to push you both mentally, and physically, no matter where those boundaries may lie. Another great thing about adventure tourism is that it is everywhere. You do not have to travel far or wide to find your perfect adventure. For all you know it might be right in your backyard. It’s also very attractive for all ages. Young people want to get out there and experience what the world has to offer, whereas older people want to shake up their lives a little bit, and do something that they might not have ever experienced before. 

So we know that adventure tourism is an industry that is growing stupendously quickly, and for good reason too. It has huge potential for creating jobs. It is attractive for everyone with its easy accessibility, potential for creating long lasting memories, and all ages charm. This allows Scouted to take advantage of this amazing idea and provide the resources to make it even more accessible, more lucrative, and more easily provided to those who want it.

So become a member of Scouted, and get your adventure out there!

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